Our Mission

It all begins on our children’s bookshelf.

It all begins on our children’s bookshelf and continues later in talks around the kitchen table. The stories children read at bedtime become the stuff of their dreams and aspirations. Often, the characters they read about attain the status of role models.

We live in an age when many schools have become morally corrupt, as legacy children’s book publishers divert attention from American values to woke ideology. But we, as parents, can still win our children’s hearts and minds with stories of true greatness. 

It is our right, and within our power, to provide our children with an alternative. In fact, if we care about them and the future of our country, we have no choice. 

We at Heroes of Liberty Press have decided to make it our life’s mission to create an alternative: a bookshelf suffused with joy, with art, with compelling stories, and with love for our country. Our books tell the inspiring tales of people who lived by the American values of freedom, family, self-reliance, courage, and faith.

We are not the only ones. All around America, writers, educators, artists, and publishers are standing up to the woke-hold on our children’s bookshelf, sparking a pro-American renaissance in youth culture.

Our children will never have a second childhood. Are you willing to stand up to woke culture and provide your child with uplifting and inspirational American stories?

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